What is inside the box?

  • Sanitary pads (Organic cotton)
  • Pantyliners (organic cotton)
  • Pocket tissue
  • A Single-use shaver with Aloe Vera
  • Safe Spray by Closer (a toilet seat spray)
  • …and some healthy snacks (dried fruits 

How it works

What our Customers are Saying

I am very comfortable with the product. It is all I need every month.
HR Professioner
I love the simplicity, and the fact that I don't get to think about my menstrual care needs any longer.
HR Manager
It is indeed value for money.
Logistics Manager

We just want more women and girls
to show up when their dreams call.
If you have more questions not
answered here, do feel free to shoot
us an email at hi@closer.ng

Organic cotton pads that are safe for the skin. We select quality products at the best price. Our major brand is Longrich, it is a healthier and safer alternative. 

Organic Cotton are made without the use of Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Swage Sludge, Irradiation or Genetic Engineering. We have listed the benefits of organic cotton below

  1. It is 100% Eco-Friendly product. 
  2. The natural, chemical-free process drastically reduces soil and water pollution.
  3. It has natural soft feel quality   
  4. It is far more absorbent than Fluff pulp used in Sanitary Hygiene Products.
  5. It is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.   
  6. It does not cause any allergy or irritation when it touches human skin.

Though we are offering the best products, we understand that you might have specific organic brands that you want so we have you covered. Note: We only offer safer brands, please don’t ask us for anything else than that. Please check this link to create a special order

YES, of course. When completing the subscription checkout page, please tell us the extra number of sanitary pads or other items you want. Our team will reach out to you privately and inform you of the extra fee. We will create a dedicated checkout page for you for the next subscription. 

Without mincing words, the retail value of the box costs more than 8,500 naira so we know we are the best alternative. Asides from the comfort of delivering the best products to your doorstep, our community will enrich you in more positive ways. Remember, it is monthly, it easier to plan for it. 

We keep getting better each day so we doubt if you will want to cancel because of the loads of beautiful surprises we offer. However, if you want to cancel, YES, you can at least ONE WEEK before the delivery weekend.

Our wish is to serve you the best as we can and we don’t operate below the standard. We accept returns only at the point of delivery. The fund will be used for the next month. In cases where you want the fund back, we will charge you 1,000 naira for delivery fee and refund the rest within 3 working days. 

For now, we ship every last weekend of the month to prepare you ahead for your next cycle.

Yes, of course. Get a one-time box for yourself here & gift out one here

You can shoot us a DM @closerng across our social media platforms or send an email to hi@closer.ng

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